Feminist Friday: Peeping Tom (1960)

At the time of its 1960 release, the British horror movie Peeping Tom found itself largely ignored by critics. However, in the months later, another little horror film called Psycho hit theaters and quickly became a hit with critics and audiences alike. While Peeping Tom isn’t as well-known as the Alfred Hitchcock classic, the horror film proves itself … Continue reading Feminist Friday: Peeping Tom (1960)


‘Roll Red Roll’ Casts an Uncompromising Light on Rape Culture

There's a popular Amy Schumer sketch based on the NBC television series Friday Night Lights. Where that television show (and the feature film it came from) involved a football coach dispensing wisdom to his team, Schumer's take on the coach (hilariously played by Josh Charles) had him reminding the team of one thing: "Clear eyes. … Continue reading ‘Roll Red Roll’ Casts an Uncompromising Light on Rape Culture

Feminist Friday: Footlight Parade (1933)

In a previous entry, this column examined the classic Gold Diggers of 1933 one of the many Busby Berkeley produced films released by Warner Brothers during the Great Depression. The classic musical put forward a surprisingly progressive narrative, especially when examining the treatment of its female characters. However, another Berkeley musical Footlight Parade hit theaters later the same year. Despite … Continue reading Feminist Friday: Footlight Parade (1933)