Movie Review: Mercury 13

In the wake of the success of Hidden Figures now is the time where anything regarding women and the space program is worthy of our attention. Netflix's new documentary Mercury 13 isn't nearly as entertaining as Hidden Figures, but it's loving sentimentality for the women who dared to be female astronauts makes it worth checking … Continue reading Movie Review: Mercury 13


Feminist Friday: White Christmas (1954)

The 1950s forever stands as a golden age of Hollywood musicals. Within this pantheon, White Christmas more than holds its own alongside classics like: Singin' in the Rain, An American in Paris, and Gigi. The glossy and well made movie features not only catchy (Irving Berlin) songs, but also well-developed characters which audiences find themselves able … Continue reading Feminist Friday: White Christmas (1954)

Citizen Dame 5: Favorite “Unconventional” Actresses

All women are beautiful, but Hollywood still subscribes to the belief that some are "classic" beauties. The definitions of what's attractive in Hollywood are always fluctuating but in this week's new release, I Feel Pretty, Hollywood will try to convince women that Amy Schumer is unattractive. So, to inject some positivity into a movie that … Continue reading Citizen Dame 5: Favorite “Unconventional” Actresses