Episode 31: I Feel Dame-y

Welcome back to Citizen Dame! This week, the Dames are talking about: Javier Bardem defends Woody Allen Lars Von Trier is welcomed back to Cannes The Tribeca/Scarface moderator who questioned Michelle Pfeiffer about her weight Alison Mack gets arrested for running a sex cult Netflix wants to buy […]

Disobedience (Tribeca 2018)

No, Disobedience is not “that Jewish lesbian movie.” Nor is it the film where Rachel Weisz and Rachel McAdams make out. Yes, the characters they portray are Jewish, yes they are lesbians, and yes there is a sex scene. Disobedience is not a puerile male fantasy in which […]

Woman Walks Ahead (Tribeca 2018)

Woman Walks Ahead purports to tell the true story of the relationship between Sitting Bull (Michael Greyeyes) and Catherine Weldon (Jessica Chastain), a portrait artist who travels out of New York to Dakota in order to be the first to paint the famous Sioux leader Sitting Bull’s portrait. […]

Movie Review: Mercury 13

In the wake of the success of Hidden Figures now is the time where anything regarding women and the space program is worthy of our attention. Netflix’s new documentary Mercury 13 isn’t nearly as entertaining as Hidden Figures, but it’s loving sentimentality for the women who dared to […]


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