Feminist Friday: State Fair (1962)

The 1962 remake of the Oscar Hammerstein musical State Fair can’t seem to emerge from the shadow of its’ more popular original source material. In fact, the film is largely only available in box sets partnered with the 1945 feature. However, the later take on State Fair packs an A-list cast and brings […]

Citizen Dame 5: Hems-Thirst Moments

We’ve probably said this before – the Dames are all about hard-hitting journalism…but we also enjoy indulging in some thirst. Thirty-five years ago this week, Chris Hemsworth was born and the world became a bit brighter. In honor of our favorite Asgardian’s birthday, the Dames looked at our […]

Feminist Friday: The Parent Trap

During Walt Disney‘s tenure, the creator’s movies are widely known for their wholesome, good old-fashioned conservatism. At first glance, the films harken back to an idealized Rockwellian Americana. However, when examining one of the studio’s most popular features from this era, The Parent Trap, the story is actually more complex than […]

Madeline’s Madeline (Fantasia 2018)

Josephine Decker’s beautiful Madeline’s Madeline shows at Fantasia 2018 this week, and once again I am at a loss of how to describe it with justice. Told primarily from the close perspective of its main character, it’s both narrative and experimental, a dive into the complicated psyche of […]

Tigers Are Not Afraid (Fantasia 2018)

One of the opening scenes of Issa Lopez’s magical realist fabula Tigers Are Not Afraid depicts a group of Mexican schoolchildren discussing with their teacher the elements of a fairy tale. After they go through the litany – princesses and princes, castles, magic, tigers, three wishes – the […]

Number 37 (Fantasia 2018)

We toss the phrase “Hitchcockian thriller” around an awful lot. It’s become standard term for any thriller that uses clever plot devices, claustrophobic locations, or techniques that vaguely resemble something Hitchcock tried. But for once, there is a film that actually deserves the comparison. Nosipho Dumisa’s Number 37 […]


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