First Reformed (2018)

First Reformed represents director Paul Schrader’s latest attempt to step back into the critically acclaimed arthouse fold, a world that has eluded him for some time. While he has been behind a number of critically successful screenplays – including Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, The Last Temptation of Christ, and […]

Citizen Dame 5: Wrong Romantic Pairings

Sometimes a top five isn’t tied into a new release, an anniversary, or a holiday. Sometimes it comes about from a discussion we have that warrants our individual thoughts. So it is with this week’s five. We started discussing movies where the romantic lead “picked” the wrong person, […]

Feminist Friday: Peeping Tom (1960)

At the time of its 1960 release, the British horror movie Peeping Tom found itself largely ignored by critics. However, in the months later, another little horror film called Psycho hit theaters and quickly became a hit with critics and audiences alike. While Peeping Tom isn’t as well-known as the […]

Little Women (2018)- Episode 2

I’ll say it, the first episode of Masterpiece’s most recent take on the iconic story Little Women was… lackluster. However, there’s still two episodes to go in the evolving story of the March family. How do things change as the March’s we know and love continue to grow and […]


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