Meet the Citizen Dames

kristen lopez

Kristen Lopez is a freelance pop culture essayist whose work has appeared on The Hollywood Reporter, The Daily Beast, and TCM Backlot, to name a few. She’s a contributing writer for Remezcla, as well as the main film critic for Culturess, as well as a critic for The Young Folks and Spectrum Culture.

When she’s not watching movies she’s podcasting. Kristen is the founder of Ticklish Business, a classic film podcast, as well as co-founder of Citizen Dame. She also co-hosts the Walt Sent Me podcast with Todd Liebenow.

Kristen cites her brand as films, feminism, and male celebrities. Her “Kristen-approved” list of celebrity husbands rivals that of Elizabeth Taylor’s actual husbands. Currently her heart belongs to Armie Hammer – though the top five fluctuates by the day.

Kristen’s Top 5 Favorite Movies:

  1. My Girl
  2. Singin’ in the Rain
  3. Almost Famous
  4. American Psycho
  5. Anne of the Thousand Days

Karen Peterson

Karen Peterson studied french and political science at Weber State University in Northern Utah. The closest she came to formal film education was a french film class during her senior year. Instead, she’s more street smart in the ways of film criticism, studying the masters in darkened movie theaters and Oscar nights.

Eventually, she turned that rudimentary knowledge into a position at where she is a journalist, critic, and awards pundit. She also runs a college Tutoring Center on the side to pay the bills.

When not writing, podcasting, or watching Tom Cruise movies, she is busy starting and winning arguments on Twitter.

Karen’s Top 5 Favorite Films (order subject to change depending on which she’s just finishing re-watching):

  1. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
  2. It’s a Wonderful Life
  3. Beauty and the Beast (1992)
  4. When Harry Met Sally
  5. Jerry Maguire

Lauren Humphries-Brooks

Lauren is a freelance editor and writer, a contributor to various film and media blogs, and an Angry Movie Girl. She has several graduate degrees in Cinema Studies and Creative Writing and knows how to use them. When not writing or podcasting, she enjoys watching The Avengers (the real ones, not the superheroes), reading crime novels, and going on feminist rants. She’ll fight you. She’ll fight all of you.

Lauren’s Favorite Hitchcock Films (because she refuses to try to list five favorite films)
The Lady Vanishes
Shadow of a Doubt


Kimberly graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2009 with a MA in Film Studies. A film history nerd since largely since birth, she finished her tenure at the University by authoring her thesis: Are You a Bad Girl?: The Evolution of Female Sexuality in Post-War Hollywood Cinema.

Since then, Kimberly spends her time as an all-around writer (when she’s not at her human resources day job). She serves as a Senior Contributor and Film Critic for the website Geek Girl Authority. She also runs her own personal website at

When she’s not in the realm of non-fiction, she also toys at the ultimate dream of being… an award winning screenwriter! To this date, her biggest accomplishment is seeing her screenplay, Drowning in the East River named Best Unproduced Screenplay (Special Commendation) at the British Independent Film Festival. The script is based on a self-published novel of the same name. More work to come as time allows.

Kimberly’s 5 Favorite Films:

  1. Singing in the Rain
  2. The Great Race
  3. Where the Boys Are
  4. Gilda
  5. Safety Last!