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Citizen Dame 5: Couples We Hate

You can’t say we don’t try to get our money’s worth out of an anniversary. As with last week’s top 5, this week’s deals with the 25th anniversary of Reality Bites (its actual birthday is this week) which, not so coincidentally, coincides with Valentine’s Day. If you’ve seen […]

Feminist Friday: Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Sitting down to think about Sunset Boulevard, the movie all at once seems inherently complicated when considering questions of feminism and gender relations. Billy Wilder’s critique of mid-century Hollywood all-at once crafts fascinating female characters and fascinating questions exist. Is it the film asking these questions? Or is […]

Feminist Friday: Hatari

In today’s installment of Feminist Friday, we’re tackling “The Duke” himself, John Wayne. The legendary actor has a long string of movies spanning 40 years, building himself a solid (and unchanging) star persona. John Wayne is John Wayne. In his 1962 film, Hatari, Wayne combines with Howard Hawks […]