Support the Dames (and Get Cool Stuff) Via Patreon

The Dames talk a lot about supporting us via Patreon and we wanted to give you five reasons why you should!

1) Early Access to Episodes and Bonus Content

Patrons get to hear our episodes a whole 48 hours before everyone else! We also produce regular bonus content, from our yearly boyfriend bracket challenges to movie commentary on films we hate. We’re currently prepping to talk all about The Man From UNCLE. Karen and Kristen also review movies from their car! This content goes up 6-12 months after it’s made, if at all, so the exclusivity is high. So after listening to our weekly show you can queue up Sicario and hear Kristen and Karen bash it.

2) Swag!!

All Patrons get a specially made Citizen Dame pin, as well as opportunities for special contests and prizes throughout the year. We’re also looking at doing more with merchandising as the year goes on, all of which will be accessible to Patrons.

3) Support Content Created by Women

We talk about this a lot but people show their love through their pocketbook. If you want more women to create content it’s beneficial to support them. Helping Citizen Dame shows you want more women tackling the film world in new and unique ways so that no one will be the token woman!

4) Help the Dames Keep the Lights On

Without the help of our Patrons the Citizen Dames wouldn’t be able to pay for this website’s maintenance, let alone the fees to keep the podcast going. Your donations go right back into the show, helping us to improve our recording equipment or cover expenses that might pop up along the way.

5) Because You’re Awesome!

You knew this right? If you’re helping Citizen Dame you’re part of an elite group of awesome people! We thank you and appreciate you.

Become a Patron now!

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