What I Did For Love: Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife (2014)

The things we do for love. Sometimes, no matter how hard we adore them, our favorite actors insist on showing up in movies that test the limits of “for better or worse.”

For this round, I chose the 2014 flick, Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife. This was mostly for Patrick Wilson, honestly, but he is directed by and co-stars with his brother-in-law, Scott Foley. And they keep it in the family by adding their wives Dagmara Dominczyk and Marika Dominczyk to the mix. Plus Donald Faison and Amy Acker. This cast actually features several people I love. It’s a perfect choice for this particular feature. Beware, there are spoilers.

Especially because it’s so much pretty in a movie that is very, very imperfect. Instead of doing a standard movie review, I decided this time I would simply share the thoughts I had during this rewatch. Enjoy!

  • Ward’s baby is so cute!
  • Patrick Wilson is wearing a hat. I approve.
  • Ward’s wife is clearly having postpartum issues so these friends really suck.
  • Wow, yeah, Ward’s friends suck. #TeamStacy
  • I forgot Greg Grunberg is in this. I feel like we would be friends if we met in real life.
  • The friend I don’t recognize is super gross. Ugh.
  • Nicolette Sheridan is gorgeous.
  • Patrick Wilson needs to always wear hats.
  • So PW’s wife is played by his sister-in-law, Marika, who is married to Scott Foley, and Ward’s wife is actually Patrick’s wife, Dagmara, and this is weird and confusing.
  • Ward’s wife has perfectly valid complaints. So what if she maybe doesn’t express them that well. She JUST HAD A BABY.
  • All of Ward’s problems could be solved by simply having a conversation with his wife. And getting rid of his asshole friends.
  • Gross Ronny is actually making some sense about not actually killing Ward’s wife. Who knew he’d be the smart one?
  • Wait, so this isn’t really a story about plotting to kill her, now it’s about how to dispose of a body?
  • Poor Stacy was not horrible enough to deserve this.
  • This movie should be way funnier.
  • Where do you find 6 friends that would all help you dispose of a body together? It’s a question for science.
  • If I was going to kill somebody
  • Totally digging the cheesy 80s Showtime movie music–Now with extra saxophone!
  • The tone of this movie makes no damn sense.
  • Ward, have you ever seen CSI? WHY would you throw away part of your wife’s body in a random dumpster??
  • Why is the single dude without kids the only person here with a moral compass?
  • What movie did they think they were making? Because I’m pretty sure this wasn’t it.
  • So then they just go on with their lives? Cool cool.

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