Thirst Trap: Jensen Ackles

*Fans self* Phew. He’s saving people and hunting things. Dean flipping Winchester, baby. Today’s Thirst Trap entry is in that “so hot it should be illegal” category. I came to Supernatural late (I binged the entire run during season five, I think). However, it is the beauty of Jensen Ackles which kept me coming back for more.


For those who have been living under a boulder, Supernatural follows brothers (and demon hunters!) Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Ackles). The series starts out with the boys uniting to find their missing father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), but after fourteen seasons and more than 300 episodes, things have changed…

I know what you’re thinking… he doesn’t have an accent, Kim! Are you ill?

I answer your question with this…


Fedoras. Flipping fedoras. Since Supernatural has continued for such an incredibly long time (and shows no sign of slowing down), we’ve gotten to see Dean (and Sam!) in some different costumes. And as I’ve said, the best clothing era for men is the 1940s and Jensen Ackles is absolutely smoldering in the wardrobe.

Is Dean Winchester a quintessential example of toxic masculinity? Yeeeeeeaaaaahhh. Does he prefer to drink rather than show his feelings? Does he do more than his fair share of cheap sex? Yeah. Is he not that great with women? Yes! But… I’ve already mentioned my feelings about brooding men.

However, where this show shines is in the complete and utter likability of its hot, hot cast. In the super-sized run of the show, the creative team have learned to harness this likability to fuel a passionate fanbase. A secret confession… I’ve been to a Supernatural convention. They tell meta stories, conduct well publicized Twitter pranks on each other and aren’t afraid to show their fun sides. Just look at the below blooper reel…

Then you’ve got the slash fiction. A quick trick over to Tumblr or YouTube will show the abundant creativity in the Supernatural fanbase. The fandom is committed, but above all creative in their shipping. I know my favorite is “Destiel” (Dean + Castiel). Soooo much good looking, gravelly voiced brooding. There’s lots and lots of fandom-ey craziness going on here; however, it’s delightful. Curious? Head on over to Tumblr… just be a bit careful about where you click…

Below, I’ve included just one installment in the sea of videos celebrating the “ship”. While the song choice is oh-so mid 2000’s, the editing here is flawless in showing how this fandom translates their love into creative projects.

I came to Jensen Ackles’ work through Supernatural, but this wasn’t the first time he pinged on the television radar. In fact, the man is a teen television staple. A quick look at his filmography shows him working steadily for more than the last twenty years. I may or may not own Smallville season sets because of Jensen Ackles…


That’s right! The baby Superman show!!! Ackles appeared in twenty-two episodes of the length run as Jason Teague. Prior to this, he co-starred in Dark Angel. For those who don’t remember, this was a genetically enhanced Jessica Alba in a dystopian future. Was the show a bit of a blip on the cult, teenage radar? Surrrrreeee. However, have you seen Jensen during the blip.

e25ee84089a08f489e7cb5af09db4fedUltimately, Jensen Ackles has proven himself to be more than a bit like a fine wine. He keeps getting better with age. When he first started gracing our television screens, he was oh, so pretty. However, with each passing year, he seems to get better and better. While it seems like he’s going to be gainfully employed on Supernatural until Sam and Dean are AARP members, I’d love to see him gracing my movie screens at some point.



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