Be a Guest Contributor for Citizen Dame!

The response from fans about Citizen Dame has been more than we could have ever imagined. When we started the show we just wanted to even the playing field and provide an entertainment show where women did the talking. Now, the Dames are thinking bigger and we want to be a platform for women writers who also feel marginalized. That’s why we’re introducing the Citizen Dame Guest Contributor program.

If you’re a follower of Leonard Maltin and his daughter, Jessie (you should be!), we’re modeling this off their program. Essentially, we want to use our Citizen Dame website as a springboard for women and non-binary to let you write about what you love. Have a small article on your love for a certain celebrity but don’t have a place to put it? Are you a neophyte writer trying to get your feet wet in film criticism? Have a truly bizarre list you’d love to put out there but think you’ll be judged by a classier publication? Then consider letting us post it on our site. You’re talking to a site that posted an entire top five on Chris Hemsworth, we love the weird and thirsty! Full disclosure: Citizen Dame is funded by Patrons and our current budget prohibits payment, but we will give your article prominent placement on the site, promotion on the Citizen Dame twitter, and a shout-out on the show as well. However, your writing isn’t exclusive to the site nor does it need to be an original piece. Have something on your blog you’re proud of and want to share with us? Send it over!

The point is we want to give you a safe space to share your writing. The writing game is tough and judgement runs rampant, and we want to make sharing your thoughts on movie fun again. So send in your articles or article ideas to citizendamepod@gmail. Anything goes but we do have a few specific sections you’re welcome to write for:

  • Thirst Trap: Have a love for a certain celebrity and want to share your thoughts?
    • What I Did for Love: Did you watch a truly heinous movie for a specific performer and need to unburden yourself? It goes here.
  • And Another Thing: This section is for all things rant-worthy
  • The Picks: Have a top 5, 10, 20 you want to share? Go over an entire director’s filmography and rank it? Here ya go

We’ll also be doing special theme months throughout the year.

So send in your pitches and articles to We’ll be posting things as regularly as we get them! We thank everyone for their continued support.



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