Episode 21: Mission: DAMEpossible

Welcome back! This week, the Dames talk about:

  • Nicole Eggert’s allegations against Scott Baio
  • Another op-ed about Woody Allen and the case of art vs. artist
  • Devin Faraci is back because…of course he is
  • Is Rose McGowan a good spokesperson for the MeToo movement?
  • Uma Thurman is finally ready to talk about Weinstein and Tarantino
  • Robert Wagner is officially named a Person of Interest in Natalie Wood’s death
  • Octavia Spencer is starring in a new Blumhouse horror film directed by Tate Taylor
  • Tarantino is casting a Roman Polanski for his upcoming not-a-Manson-movie
  • JK Rowling and David Yates confirm the Fantastic Beasts series will not address Dumbledore’s sexuality

And trailers for:

  • Duncan Jones’ Mute
  • Mission: Impossible–Fallout 
  • Unsane

Plus reader questions!

Articles referenced in this episode:

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