Episode 20: Shall We Sundance?

Welcome back to Episode 20! This week, Kristen, Karen, and Lauren chat while Kimberly lives it up at Sundance.

We’re talking:

  • Who the hell asked Alec Baldwin?
  • All the interesting Oscar nominations
    • Rachel Morrison is the FIRST WOMAN EVER nominated for Cinematography!
    • Plus, Best Director only has two white dude nominees!
    • Wonder Woman is out.
    • So is James Franco.
  • Casey Affleck bows out of presenting before he’s officially asked.
  • Is God Particle (aka Untitled Cloverfield Sequel) headed straight to Netflix?
  • Woody Allen may finally be on the way out forever!
  • Judge Rosemarie Aquilina needs to be the judge all the time always on high profile sexual assault cases.
  • Karen talks ALL ABOUT Sundance!
  • How much does personal experience factor into reviewing a movie?
  • Is Lady Bird an accurate portrayal of American poverty? Or is it just a tale of a whiny millenial that can’t go to NYU?
  • What movies do we love that raise some eyebrows?
  • Which matters more: quality of filmmaking or enjoying the story?
  • Kristen reviews The Snowman.
  • Lauren reviews Paddington 2.
  • Plus a brief glimpse at all the Things We’ve Watched Lately.

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