Episode 17: We Need to Talk About Garbage People…and Also The Greatest Showman

The Citizen Dames are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This week, Kristen Lopez, Karen Peterson, Lauren Humprhies-Brooks, and Kimberly Pierce and talking about:

  • Garbage People
    • A Harvey Weinstein update
    • Paul Haggis is accused and some of us have some questions
    • Woody Allen’s Diary
  • Time’s Up!
  • The Top 3 Films of the 2017 Box Office all have female leads!
  • Film Review: The Greatest Showman

Plus a few questions:

  • Who is in your “Eartha Kitt Threesome?”
  • What films and characters require shutting off your feminism?
  • What is the worst film you’ve watched for a fake celebrity husband?

Links to articles referenced this week:


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