Episode 11: Reacting to Misguided Hot Takes, We Do Naaaahht Hate The Disaster Artist, and the Beginning of the End…of the Year

This week on Citizen Dame:

  • This Week in Garbage People
    • Where’s Bryan Singer?
    • Garrison Keillor
    • Charlie Rose
    • Matt Lauer and explaining the so-called “Rape Button”
    • Plus a brief mention about Lena Dunham’s racism
    • David Yates defends Johnny Depp
  • Reacting to Hot Takes
    • Buzzfeed vs. Armie Hammer
    • A male critic completely misinterprets Lady Bird
    • Quentin Tarantino plans to release his 1969 film on the anniversary of the Tate/LaBianca murders
  • We review The Disaster Artist
  • 2017 Citizen Dame Awards-Part 1
    • Favorite Animated Features
    • Favorite movie trailers

Articles referenced this week:


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